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Torte and Rosaleen on the Nature of Visions

15 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 2

Torte wants a little more information about what Rosaleen saw...

Torte Law: Rose, You know, if you ever have any questions about the latest owl gossip or visions, I'm pretty much an expert on those topics.

Rosaleen: How's that, Torte? Thought ya couldn't turn into an owl.

T: I can totally turn into an owl. See? *does not turn into an owl Wait! Come back! I'm maybe not an expert. But I'm interested in visions.

R: You know, Torte. You can just ask me things. You don't have to lead in with some entirely random question first. In fact, I'd prefer it.

T: I thought that was our "thing"... Look, you said you maybe had a vision. I want to help you understand it.

R: We'll, I don't know that it was a vision, but it sure feels like real life and not any dream I've ever had. What are yer thoughts on it?

T: The way visions work is that they are gifts. A spirit decides to tell you something for a reason the spirit understands but you don't. Or... They are intercepted messages, like cutting into a telegraph wire. They weren't meant for you, but you overhear them. So the question is, do any of the spirits like you or did you overhear something you weren't meant to know?

R: Well, it seemed quite specific for it not to be meant for me. I did see the 4 of us die... horribly, and so fast... *she shivers a bit*

T: So was it given to you as a warning? Or a threat? The person who killed us in your vision-what did he (or she?) look like?

R: He was a horrible man w/ stringy black hair & greenish pale skin. He was dressed in black and wore too many badges. Nothing we did hurt him.

T: Greenish skin. That's not a spirit I know. But I have been dealing with the less powerful, more mischievous types.

R: Well, whatever it was, it was a son-of-a-bitch. I'll be happy to never see that face again.

T: Are there any spirits who might be angry with you?

R: It's ever so hard to tell, manitou don't like losing...

T: Maybe someone decided to let you know what they think of you. Or maybe they want to scare you off. Make you run away.

R: From what?

T: I don't know. But it's got to be awful valuable if they are trying this hard to protect it.

R: Couldn't it just be a dream? A dream that just happened to be horrible, but doesn't mean anything beyond that?

T: It's possible. I didn't see it. We'll have to watch for signs. If you see anything that reminds you of him, tell me.

R: I will, Torte. I will be screaming it if I see anything like that man anywhere near any of us. And then I'll kill 'im. I'll find a way.

T: So I can run away super fast.

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