Torte Law - Shaman

(Teline Guerra)

A mischievous Cherokee Shaman, Torte Law set out with the bounty hunter James Bogue to discover her true identity and find meaning in the world around her. 

James Bogue - Gunslinger

(Dom Zook)


After he failed to save the town of Deception, TX from the Baron, Bogue set off on a trail of vengeance, determined to take down the Baron along with any other criminals who got in his way.

Rosaleen Saoirse Byrne - Huckster

(Meghan Caves)

The beautiful and manipulative Rosaleen left her family in Boston for adventure and love in the West, but her pursuit of power and knowledge cost her more than she realized.

Howell Melton - Frontiersman

(Gaurav Gulati)

Howell wanted a simple life with his wife Ludie, but when she was taken and he was left for dead, Howell joined the posse in search of Ludie and learned more about the world than he ever wanted to know.

Gabriel Prior - Blessed/Con Man

(Jordan Pridgen)

The silver-tongued "preacher" fled the CSA to pursue his dream of parting folks from their money in the wild frontier. But in the Weird West, sometimes faking it is just the first step to making it.

The Marshal

(Jordan Caves-Callarman)

The storyteller, web spinner, secret keeper, and Game Master. Holds the forces of Chaos at bay.

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