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The Monstrous Train Back to Coldwater Creek

43 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 5

The last quiet moment

Rosaleen: Rose has been trying to keep her thoughts focused on the task at hand, but on this horrible train, in these moments of waiting, of anticipation, she can't help but turn to what her current situation means for her and the posse. Ever since losing to those devil bulls, she's known that her life, their lives aren't their own. That they are living on borrowed time. It's one things to know this, but it's another thing entirely to be finally facing it so directly. She knows that if she looks at it all too hard, she won't be able to move forward. It will terrify and paralyze her and she will sacrifice the sake of the world to hold onto those she loves for a little bit longer. She would forsake everyone to have more time with Gabriel, to see her family again, to apologize for how
horrible she was, to have more time getting to know James and Howell outside of having to save the damned world. To run off to some forgotten place and live to an old age ignoring any responsibility. But she knows there is no chance of that, it would be delusion to even try. She takes Gabriel's hand. "I know that I'm not always the easiest to work with, hell! To live with, but I respect every single one of ya so damn much. If this is how we're goin' to die, I'd never choose anyone else to go out fightin' with. I know! Don't look at me like that, I just, I don't know that we are going to survive this, and it's important for me to say. I know I can be a selfish areshole, but you all are important to me and I need ya to know it"

Gabriel: Gabe gives Rose’s hand a squeeze and smiles. “You know I wouldn’t choose anyone else in the world to be with. If you’re a selfish ass I’d hate to know what that makes me.” He looks around at the posse, each of them changed so much since they first met. Each of them broken, tested, scarred, and rebuilt. It’s hard to recognize them sometimes. It’s hard to recognize himself. “She’s right though, as much as my pride would love me not to say it, there’s no other barrel of snakes under the sun I’d rather ride through hell with.” He turns to Rose, who taught him to care about someone besides himself, and Bogue, who had gone from enemy to a friend Gabe would trust with his life. “Hard to believe last time we headed to Coldwater it was just to trick folks and make some quick money." He Smiles "Seems like a lifetime ago now” His smile fades “Though in a sense I suppose it was”

James: Bogue looks up, the blood from the wounds Lifedrinker took still caked across his face, and regards at his companions from under the brim of his hat. Finally, after a moment, he gathers his thoughts and speaks. “You’ve all been there. For me. For each other. If you were in my posse back in Texas this whole business with Chaos might be someone else’s problem.” He manages a wry grin. He takes off his hat and rubs his good eye. “But heading back to where it all began to end it all... I’m not like to find kin like you lot again. And... I’m thankful. Thankful and proud. And fuck Chaos.” He puts his hat back on, adjusts his eyepatch, and returns to counting his dwindling supply of bullets. To himself he whispers, “don’t let my damnation be theirs.” And he sits again in silence.

Howell: Howell looks around, studying the faces around him. A grizzled gunslinger, putting his own blood into his bullets. A con-man gone good spitting the word of God almighty. And a troubled huckster, as beautiful as she is deadly. "Y'know, I ain't like y'all. I wasn't pushed into this cause I had a vengeance. I wasn't lookin' to make some easy coin." Howell looks over at Rose and scratches his head. "Hell, I don't know the first thing about being a... poker witch?" "I'm here... because I'm a stubborn idiot. My Ludie said, over an' over, she'd been seein' things, things that are comin' true and things she don't like. I called it all hogwash and tried to get her fixed. Those Sisters found her, and took her away." "I braved through hell an' high water to find her again. When I did... she shot me down. She had to. Everything she saw comin' down the hill... it's comin' true. The world is turnin' to hell, and doesn't seem there's a damn thing to do about it." "So many of us have been through the wash, now. Turned upside down and inside out." Howell looks over to Beales, sitting next to him, eyes closed. "Lost our whole lives just because we wanted to be better folk an' help those that need it. My daddy told me that when the world starts goin' to hell, you'll want your family around to get you through it." Howell looks down, trying to hide his face. "My family is long gone. I ain't got no kin, no cousins. Just... nothin'." "Until ya'll came along. Y'all took a chance with me. Some dumb farmer outside of town that knew how to throw fists. It was real hard there, at the start. I ain't ever felt so alone. But now..." Howell looks up, tears rolling down his face. "I'm proud as hell to call y'all my family."

R: "Damnit Howell! How do ya always do that! You just cut right to the quick!" She just looks at him, trying really hard to keep tears from pouring down her cheeks. Rosaleen doesn't always like to be this open and vulnerable, it's dangerous to truly be that way in her line of work, but she knows this is the time to really let those she cares about know. She finally understands that and she's not gonna screw it up again. "I didn't think I needed family, I left mine without even sayin' goodbye. I thought I was okay on my own, but you all proved to me that I was wrong. And you were there for me even when I resisted it. And Howell, I know we give ya a hard time and you can be so thick sometimes, but goddamnit I can't help but love ya. Ya really became a bit' o the heart of this operation, Howell. And I'm really glad you did because I don't think we'd be who we are with at ya. Honestly, that's true of all of ya."

G: Gabe sits back a bit in his uncomfortable tongue seat. "Well there we go. If we don't make it out then we all know how we feel." He holds his cross in one hand, and taps his gun. "But we ain't dead yet, and I don't think we'll make it easy for that bastard."

H: "Hah." Howell wipes away his tears. "Actually, I reckon I'm mostly dead..." He puts his hat back on and lights a cigarette, taking a deep drag. "But that sure as hell ain't gonna stop me from putting that son-of-a-bitch sixty feet under."

Marshal: Beales twitches in her seat, and her eyes flutter open. "Do you smell that?" she mutters, eyes wandering about in confusion. "Death. That's death." She whimpers and hugs herself tightly as the horrific train barrels onward to Coldwater Creek...

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