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Rose and Gabe Flashback Chat

22 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 2

Gabe and Rose decide what they want to do with the Blackwood Society item they stole...

Marshal: A couple things remain unclear after that flashback Rosaleen & Gabriel...did you abandon Willard to die? And what did you do with the box that you stole?

Rosaleen: Well, we of course told Willard to get out'a town. We aren't barbarians. And as for the box, we continued to try and open it. I'm not letting the Blackwood Society keep any secrets from me.

M: Let's deal with Willard first. How exactly would you have warned him? He'd gone to ground, and was told to meet with Gabe another day hence, I believe. That's a whole n'other day of staying in town with Sadie and Clubber potentially out for ya.

Gabriel: Well I DID tell Willard that if I wasn't there when we were supposed to meet he should get out of town, and it wasn't wise to wait around. But I at least had the courtesy to leave the man a hasty note... Though now that I think on it I'm only decently sure he can read...

M: Makes sense. Hopefully poor Willard made it out alive...but he made his own mess. Now what about this box?

R: Well, ya can't leave a locked box locked, now can ya.

M: You could, but I reckon you don't aim to. Who's gonna open it?

R: Well, I tried my hand at it until Gabe, or Edmund at the time, finally mentioned he had a little bit 'o skill in picking locks.

G: I can take a crack at it, of course now that we're not giving it to clubber there's always the "hit it on a rock" technique as well

R: Yes, but being it's The Blackwood Society's, maybe let's start with finesse first.

M: Make a Lockpicking roll Gabe

G: 5

M: You spend a minute fiddling with the lock. Its pretty simple...clearly the safe was meant to be the real means of protection. Open it?

R: Well of course we open it!

M: Inside, nestled on crumpled velvet, is an oddly-shaped brilliant red gemstone about the size of an egg.

G: Well this is going to be difficult to fence...

R: I don't know that we'll want to fence this anyway, darlin'. (Would there be a way for me to figure out what this is, Marshal?)

M: You could make a Common Knowledge roll at a -4 to see if you can recall anything like this. Or take it to a jeweler for different info.

R: (I got a 2...) Maybe we should take it to a jeweler...?

M: Yep, you got no clue why this jewel would be so important to the Blackwood Society. S'pose it's just valuable?

G: That is what gems are usually for, though knowing how this town works I'd recommend we not bring it to any jeweler around these parts Or I imagine Clubber and his friends might end up with more knowledge than we do

R: I agree, we'll have to take it with us until we get far enough away. (Rosaleen seems a bit disappointed that the jewel doesn't seem like more yet..)

M: So you both take it with you. Perhaps you even still have it...guess we'll find out...

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