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Rose's Death

40 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 4

Rosaleen: Pain erupts and fills Rosaleen's mind and senses, blotting out any thought. The world around her dissolves into bright, hot, pulsing red agony and becomes so intense that she has no choice but to give into it.As soon as she does, the intensity grows so strong that it's not even recognizable as pain anymore. She's floating, weightless; and the screaming that was filling her ears begins to fade away leaving silence, stillness, darkness.And then her heart and her mind burst with overwhelming grief. She just got Gabriel back. There has been almost no time to process everything that has happened. The horrors in this world are too much and she has discovered that she may be one of them...she has been fighting to accept who she is. Not wanting to look at it and acknowledge it, but it's not backing down and it's not going away. Scenes start flashing through her head, her sisters, her father, Quentin, Coldwater Creek, Gabriel...

Her mind stops at Gabriel and her grief turns into a gut wrenching ache. Gabriel was the first person to understand her, to see through her, and challenge her.She didn't know she could love someone like she loves him, but she does. Quentin was wrong about her, he must be, because she does truly love Gabe, she is capable of it, but... Gabriel was taken because of her, and then nearly killed because of her, because of the darkness she chooses to use and take power from. Her arrogance, her naivete are going to get him killed and all she can do is hurt him more. And hurt James and Howell. Does she help more than she hurts? Is she worth the space she takes up in their lives, in this world? She's not so sure anymore, maybe it's better this way, maybe she should just sleep for a while...

As she begins to let go, she hears screaming in the distance, someone is screaming again, it's keeping her from drifting off. "Stop screaming, give me quiet" She thinks. But then it's rushing towards her fasterthan she can process. And then the pain, the horrible, awful, tearing pain is returning, growing, blossoming in her chest. And she hears, "NOOOO! THEY ARE MINE!" And she knows that voice, that voice is the one who tried to kill Gabriel and her and James and Howell over and over again. That voice taunts them and she remembers who the enemy is. Maybe she's no good herself, but maybe, just maybe she can use her abilities to help, she can use her skills to make at least one difference in this world. She doesn't have to be good, but she can fight. And then there are stars above her and she's gasping, clutching at her chest as if thereis shattered glass where her ribs should be. Her mind is foggy and confused, but then it starts to come back to her. The bulls, the rumbling. Gabriel! James! Howell! She needs to get to them, find them, make sure they are okay.

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