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Rosaleen Goes Fishing

29 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 3

Ms. Byrne spends an unpleasant evening with a member of Denver's corrupt City Council, and things don't go quite as she planned...

Rosaleen: Rosaleen makes it her business to find the best part of town to spend her time in. Gahan's Saloon is quite a perfect place for her as it is right across from city hall, is owned by a city councilman, and often hosts other councilman and their not so hushed discussions. Rose always finds politicians easy and Councilman Amos Risdon is as easy as they come. Men like him like feeling smart and superior which is something Rose knows how to use. It's a good mixture of playing dumb and still keeping them on their toes. But men like this love to spill secrets if they think they are teaching a poor dumb thing something new and showing off their large intellect at the same time. Really it's a win/win for everyone involved. Rose had been working on making Risdon one of her regulars, growing his trust and interest.

She'd spent plenty of nights asking him all about how city government worked. He was getting more free with the information he chose to share. A little drink didn't hurt either. On this particular night, Rosaleen decided to pry further. She had frustratingly continued to come up short on info about the Baron , but as he seemed to be an influencial person, she thought an influencial and corrupt person in Denver might be a good place to try. "I just find you so facinatin'! You're doin' real work. Changing this world for the better, makin' decisions for the town! Oh my! You must get to work with incredibly interestin' people too! Is there anything wonderful you don't get to do??!?"

Marshal: Amos smiles at you, his eyes drinking you in as he devours his steak, juices running down his bristly black beard. He beams proudly at everyone who walks by, making damn sure they know you're here with him. "You've met these people, my dear. They're as boring as stumps, the lot of them. The work is a slog. The only interesting thing I want to do is spend more time in the company of lovely ladies such as yourself," he leers, dabbing at his chin with the rumpled cloth he has laid across his potbelly.

R: Rosaleen fains a blush. "Oh you! Yer such a flatterer! But really, Amos! Come on, there have got to be some interestin' folks you come across either in the office or not! I want to be impressed by who you know!" She bats her eyelashes flirtatiously! "Impress me!" She smiles the biggest smile her face will allow as she playfully stabs a piece of his steak with her fork and puts it up to his face. Rosaleen keeps the smile on her face even though she think this is the stupidest thing she's done recently, but he is clearly eating it up. Figuratively and literally...

M: His bloodshot eyes bulge as he happily laps up the steak from your fork in what he is certain is a suggestive manner. "Impress you?" he chortles as he chews, "My dear, don't you think I know by now what you value? You're after secrets!" He eyes you shrewdly. "Information is power , as you well know. I think it's adorable the way you're always fishing about. That's one of the reasons I so enjoy your company. You keep me sharp." He licks his lips as his tongue grasps at an errant piece of meat trapped in his facial hairs, and he stares pointedly at your corseted bust. "Among other reasons." His eyes dart back up to yours, and he begins to cut another piece of steak. "But since you've been such pleasurable company this evening, perhaps, if you ask me sweetly, I'll let you in on a little secret."

​R: She smiles to herself on that last bit knowing that most of the time he's so drunk he passes out, she gets a good night sleep, and fawns over him in the morning. It's not a bad set up for her. His directness takes her aback though. Maybe she underestimated him a touch. She now has a decision to make. Fain ignorance, be up front, or maybe... "Well, clearly darlin' you do know how much I love a good secret. If you share one with me I'll promise not to share the secret I have on you." She smiles a knowing smile dropping a touch of the facade.

​M: (Ah, but do you have a secret Rosaleen? Or do you just want him to think you do? If you want to have an actual secret, make a Smarts roll at a -2. If you want to bluff, make a Persuade roll, but tread carefully from here on)

​R: (I rolled a 1 on smarts....)

​M: His eyes narrow, and his tone is hushed and forceful. "Is this the game we're playing now, girl? What secret do you imagine you have of mine?" His eyes dart to the side to see who might be listening... (Go ahead and tell him what you found in the journal of another councilman)

​R: "Well, apparently you enjoy bribes and take them readily. Especially from local businessmen with a stake in which laws make it to vote. That just seems like something an influential person of Denver, such as yourself, shouldn't do. I'm sure the Mayor would be interested to learn. that." She looks at him pointedly. A part of her is a touch worried she played her hand too soon, but there hasn't been enough information on the Baron or on anyone for that matter in the last few months. The Bear was the first thing and while it was good info, everything else seems to have dried up. She's grown quite impatient.

​M: He stares at you searchingly for a long while...then bursts into loud guffaws. "Oh, my poor dear naive girl," he says breathlessly, wiping a tear from his eye, "Denver RUNS on bribes, and Mayor Hornsby can't do a damned thing about it! Oh, you had me worried there for a moment," he wheezes, finally catching his breath. "I thought you might have been dangerous, but I see you're just playing at politics. When you've been playing this game as long as I have, my sweet, then come and talk to me." His expression turns serious. "Still, you've shown your lack of ladylike scruples. I found you enjoyable for a time, but it seems that it might not be in my best interest to keep you around," he says, eyeing you coldly. "I think perhaps you had better leave. This establishment is no place for a common trollop."

​R: She smiles a cold smile at him. She knew she'd been beat this time, but she also knew that she was much smarter than this man now gave her credit for. Maybe she wasn't ready yet, maybe she'd made a misstep here, but she learned from every mistake. She dons a sheepish, guilty demeanor "Well, clearly you've bested me. Honestly, I'm embarrassed. It's just that I like nice things and those require money and influential people like yerself and I just can't get enough, sometimes it makes me mean and causes me to do stupid things. I know when I'm not wanted. A good evenin' to you Councilman Risdon." As she stands she bumps the table knocking some of his silverware to the floor. "Oh my! I'm so flustered!" She quickly bends down to grab the silverware, but pockets his spoon. "I'll just, I'll be leaving." She quickly turns and heads for the door. If she can't get information from him this way, then she'll try another... Rosaleen has spent enough time with Risdon to know the time of day he tends to be going about business. She waits until that time the next day to use her pilfered spoon to see through his eyes. (Rolled a 7 on my spellcasting die for Mind Rider, Marshal)

​M: (And he fails with a 2 on his Spirit) You see the familiar interior of Gahan's Saloon through his eyes, and you can see that Risdon is seated at the bar speaking with William Gahan. He's not looking around, but you can hear through his ears that they are the only two people present for this conversation. Risdon is speaking, and you feel the vibrations in your/his body as he rumbles quietly to Gahan. " an example. Everyone thinks that Hornsby fancies himself a gentleman like the rest of those Explorer's Society blowhards, but I paid attention. 'Amos,' I said to myself, 'if Hornsby is spending so much of his dearly important time there, what is it that actually goes on in that club?' So I did some asking around. And it turns out," and you feel your/his mouth stretch into a grin, "the Explorer's Club is just a front." Gahan cocks a bushy eyebrow. "A front? For what?" You feel Risdon chuckling as he responds. "Now, William, you know me. I keep my cards closely guarded. Suffice it to say they're involved in some hoo-doo nonsense that will make our dear mayor look quite the fool when the time is right. And don't you worry...when I become mayor, I'll make sure you're my right-hand man. And you can be damn sure I won't be wasting my time dealing with some Explorer's Club, or whatever high-falutin' title they give themselves in private. No, sir, not while there's money to be made." Gahan smiles impishly and you feel Risdon respond in kind. The conversation then turns to mundane details of local government and unfounded bravado. Your senses go dark, and then all at once you find yourself back in your own head.

​R: Hmmm, well this could be useful, Rose thinks to herself. It isn't anything about the Baron, but maybe it's something that can be used as leverage. Feeling proud of herself and like the time she spent with Risdon wasn't a complete waste, she goes about her day making a mental note to keep her ears open for more talk of this Explorer's Club. The way he spoke about it puts her in mind of a group from her past. One she'd prefer not to come upon anytime soon, if ever again.

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