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Rosaleen and Torte Law Wax Existential

6 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 1

The two ladies try for a deeper understanding of each other.

Torte Law: Rosaleen, what is it you think that I do? I am curious. I mean, OBVIOUSLY I turn into an owl.

Rosaleen: So you keep sayin'. Do? Honestly, love, I'm still trying to figure that out. I know you scout & James thinks highly of ya. Yer an interestin' gambler. And I won't believe yer turnin' into creatures magic until you show me. Your just all talk right now, but I'm itchin' to be proved wrong, but that ain't new info for ya.

T: Ah, sure. I understand. You are looking at things like white people do. You see the surface. Let me tell you what I do-- I heal the world.

R: If you say so, my dear. I'm still just hearin' talk.

T: Or are you hearing what I want you to hear? Are you hearing what you are ready to hear?

R: I hear what I hear whether people want me to or not.

T: So what do you do?

R: I deal in knowledge, love. And the withholdin' and/or takin' of it.

T: I like you. You are a challenge. Someday, we'll have a real talk. When you are ready. And hopefully, I am also ready. This stuff, this is scary stuff! This is terrible, horrifying, nightmare stuff!

R: I'm ready when you are, Torte. What are ya scared of?

T: Uh, explody monsters, death, a darkness that engulfs the world and snuffs out all life as easy as you snuff out a candle. Public speaking.

R: Oh dear. What it must be like in that head of yours. Well, you've got us to back you up. I wouldn't worry about the public speakin' part.

T: You'll see. You will all see.

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