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Marshal Reflects on Season 1 of Wildcards

12 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 1

Marshal: Last night's episode of Wildcards was the last of the season. I also think it was my favorite episode so far. I want to thank my cast: Meghan, Dom, Teline, and Jordan for playing along with me. Very simply, they rocked. And also Nick Levy, Isaiah Dominguez, Brian Haskell, Tyler Rhoades, Gaurav Gulati ...thank you guys for helping out as well. It takes a village! This has been a crazy experience for me. I've never GMed anything on this scale before, and it has been majorly up and down for me. here are episodes I am very proud of, like last night's, and some that I was not happy with at all. But I'm a better GM now than I was at the start, and I hope to continue to improve. Saving Throw has become the kind of home community I've always wanted, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to game with these guys! But finally, I want to thank those of you who tune in. You guys have been incredible! Your donations, your messages, your investment in the story and the characters and the world...just the fact that you watch at all. It's made me push myself harder each week to bring you a show worthy of your time. I hope it was. We're going on break now, but in 2 months or so we'll be back for season 2. I'm going to take a break, recharge, and see what ideas come to me. But I hope you'll come back to Coldwater Creek with us. The Well-Dressed Man will be waiting...

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