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Gussy's Dead

36 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 4

H: After bandaging Gabriel with the last of his supplies, Howell walks over to what's left of the chains that were holding down his horse during the battle. He kneels down to get a closer look at the remains after the massive explosion. He sees only blood, gore, and shredded iron. Still kneeling, Howell removes his hat and rubs his eyes, weary from the battle. He hears the clopping of hooves behind him, and turns expectedly. He frowns as he sees Dot approaching slowly, her head hung low. He stands and gives her a pat on the side as she walks up beside him. Howell runs his hands through Dot's mane, looking off into the distance towards the endless desert. "Look's like Gussy's run off again, huh girl?" His voice cracking, he clears his throat and wipes his eyes with his forearm. "And she might not be comin' back to me this time..."

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