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Gabriel and Torte Plan for What's Next

16 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 2

After Charlie Shadow is abducted by Black River, Torte Law and Gabriel talk about the reality of the situation.

Torte Law: So, like, we just met that guy. And that lady has mad powerful manitou on her side. And I am not a fan of dying...

Gabriel: For once Torte I understand you completely. I'd say know when to walk away, but I can barely even hobble at the moment

T: Right? I mean, my real spirits plus your fake spirits add up to run away! What could your fake spirits possibly do to help us? Right? With their being so fake and all?

G: My God might be fake but that doesn't mean the man's not useful to name drop now and then.

T: But your God is fake. So there's no real power for you to access. Nothing you do violates the laws of nature or anything like that. Too bad

G: Fake or not, Coldwater isn't going to like to hear that those witches attacked a house of God... Might make building a railroad difficult

T: So are you planning on gathering up the faithful? Like last time? Didn't they all die in a fire last time?

G: I don't think we'll need to come at them with guns. We can just go after their business contracts

T: I take it you have a plan. I also have a plan. My plan: does the church have a crawl space to hide in?

G: Ah there we are, that's the Torte Law I'm used to. *Sighs* well if the church does have a crawl space I'm sure you'll find it

T: You're plan is not hide in the crawl space then?

G: I can't say that it is, but we can keep that as plan B

T: If Rosaleen decides to after them, THEY WILL KILL HER. And probably hurt my watch, too. MY WATCH!!!!!

G: Rose is a smart and capable woman, but if they hurt her I will find a way to kill them. With or without god as my witness.

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