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Downtime in Denver

28 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 3

Gabriel and Rosaleen ponder their posse-mates.

Gabriel: Another night, another fight. It's near midnight as Gabe trudges up the stairs to the hotel room he shares with Rosaleen He pushes himself through the door, throws his hat onto a dresser, and collapses into the corner chair, exhausted. Gabe closes his eyes for a moment and breathes deeply. "Of all the natural and supernatural trouble we've faced of late Rose, I honestly think tryin' to manage Howell might be what finally does me in."

Rosaleen: Rosaleen, having gotten back from her evening only shortly before Gabe, laughs lightly. "Why's that darlin'? I mean, I have my suspicions knowin' Howell, but I'd love to hear what it is he's doin' now." This part has always been her favorite. Rose loves gossip, she loves breaking down peoples actions and motivations. Learning juicy bits of dirt that she can file away for later if she ever happens to need it. And she still doesn't know what she thinks of Howell. He's a bit too judgmental for her tastes, so she takes even more pleasure in the coming story.

G: "The man is downright hopeless! Sure he can knock teeth out, but try and talk business and he's as naive as a child! I suggest we cut a deal with a damn bookie and you'd think I spat on his mother's grave! As though every other man in that ring isn't getting a cut of the wagers" "He acts as though all he cares about is "information," but I keep telling him if he isn't willing to play the game and throw a fight or two pretty soon I won't be able to get him in the ring at all. Honor my ass, no one pays to see a foregone conclusion!" "With all the competition out of the picture, the public is liable to get tired of watching the man win. If he would bite down on that honor of his we could really get in deep!" Gabe sighs, "Maybe I'll just make a deal for him. Make sure he's extra drunk before the next fight."

R: "I have noticed how often he stinks of liquor. More than I remember back in Coldwater." Rose's face darkens. She doesn't like thinking about Coldwater Creek. It reminds her of everything that went wrong and of things she'd rather not remember. "I think yer right. If ya want to get anythin' good out of these fights for you or Howell, you might have to make that deal without him. If it didn't drive me nuts, his stubbornness might be cute on him, but mostly it's just annoyin'. And if Howell is what does you in, he'll regret it." She smiles slyly at Gabe handing him a freshly poured scotch. "James seems to be just as stubborn as Howell, but in a way I get. I think we're getting close to findin' the Baron. Or at least someone who can get us to him."

G: Gabe smiles, but his expression turns a bit grim as James' name is brought up. "Hmm. Bogue and his Baron. I can't fault him for his conviction, but watching him work is like seeing a man possessed. I can't help but wonder what he thinks will happen when he finally gets his man. You and I both know that as soon as 'The Baron' is out of the picture, someone else will step in to take his place. Maybe Bogue will hunt them too." Gabe sips his scotch. "I don't reckon James would know what to do with himself without some sort of Baron to try and kill. Watching him take out The Bear... as quiet as he is, he's a dangerous man." Gabe looks up at Rose, pulls her a little closer to him and smiles a wry half smile. "Though with the way he looks at you maybe you're the truly dangerous one. Not that I'd ever doubt it darlin'!"

R: A laugh bursts out of Rose. "Yer not the jealous type! James has eyes, he sees me just as most men do. I know I'm hard to miss." She says with a huge, mischievous smile on her face. "But that's the extent of it. I'm pretty sure James thinks my antics silly, if useful. A pretty thing with a helpful talent. But I will agree with how dangerous he is. He's a good man to have on our side. When our tricks don't work, his will. I like where his head's at. We'll own this world in no time!" She pulls Gabe's face to hers and kisses him passionately.

G: Gabe returns her kiss and laughs "Jealousy ain't particularly my style no. though your other suitors are rarely so good with a revolver! I think he might see a little more in you than just your talent, but you're the expert on these matters! Now owning the world on the other hand, that's a notion I can get behind." Gabe smiles, then suddenly breaks into a yawn "Well first thing in the mornin'."

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