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Borrowed Time

41 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 5

Rosaleen: I've known for a while that we are livin' on borrowed time. There is a part of me that hopes we'll get what we need and we'll finish this, becomin' the heroes we never set out to become. But a bigger part of me knows that it's more likely we'll fall durin' our attempt, even if we succeed. There was so much I wanted, most of it seems silly now, like a child's dream. And really, that's what it was.

I was so sure, so confident that I knew how the world worked. That I had the power to shape it and change it to my whims. That I would prove to everyone that I was better than them. But truly, I was just becomin' everythin' I hate.

I think, I think I hurt a lot of people. Some of 'em maybe deserved it, but there were more that I didn't see. I hurt my family. I thought I could do better, I left 'em in the night and now I may never see them again. All I have left in this life is right now. I have James, I have Howell, and I have Gabriel. Gabriel.

I have never been perfect, I may not be right for him, but I'm going to take what I have and hold on to it until it's ripped from my arms. I reject everything else, I will selfishly hoard what I have whether or not I deserve it and I will hope, I will hope goddamnit that I get a little more time. Maybe even a little more life to have, to spend. I know my life is not really my own anymore, but I will covet what I can get and I will keep taking until death comes for me again. This book, this Black Codex is the key to the Black Judge who can tell us how to dispatch Chaos.There is so much we have to do before we can even hope to succeed. The odds are completely against us, but I will take that naivety I had and I will put it here. I will use that to lead me forward hoping, hoping that we can succeed.I will face that judge if I have to. Even if it kills me. I don't want this life to end, but I will give mine for those I love if I have to. I do not want to live in this world if they aren't in it anyway.

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