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Bogue Reborn

39 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 4

Coming back ain't easy.

James: Drifting. Floating almost. No, flying. A soft pink sunset fills the massive thunderheads with an easy glow as James Bogue coasts through them. The air is cool. His heart feels almost free, untangled with earthly worry. As he climbs higher the thunder clouds darken and images begin to form out of the grey cotton. His grandfather teaching him how to shoot. His mother tending to his childhood scrapes. The gentle and brief caress of Esther’s hand. Father Gamez and the people of Deception… A crash of thunder ripples the air around him. Fear begins to flood his senses, overwhelming the peace he was experiencing. He should not be up this high. The ground is too far. And then the pain sets in. A sharp, wincing pain across his chest and leg. The thunder clouds gather around him and he begins falling. It’s controlled at first but then he loses altitude quickly. The pain increases and blood begins to pool through his clothes.
As he falls lightning crackles around him and he is enveloped by the clouds. With the ground rapidly approaching the sky changes color. The sight out of his left eye quickly turns red… then black. The faces in the clouds turn into monstrous versions of themselves - all except the people of Deception. Who merely turn their backs and fade away. Bogue plunges from the cloud layer, spiraling and heavy. His breathing labored and thick. A bolt of lightning shoots out, hitting him square in the chest just as he hits the earth —and wakes up. He looks around and immediately reaches for his left eye. His hand comes away with blood and viscera. While the pain is shockingly real, his wounds have cinched themselves tightly closed and aside from the scars he has become all too familiar with, the bleeding has stopped. He stiffly rolls on his side to gaze at the world again as it was. He sees Rose, lifeless. Howell unmoving. Gabe is too far to make out, but he assumes the husk of black clothing in the distance is him. Dead. But they were brought back. And there’s only one being with that power. And Bogue was suddenly consumed with malice. With hate. With a burning, murderous passion. Chaos had ripped them apart and brought them back - and Bogue was finished being a pawn. Bogue is mad.

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