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Black Codex

42 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 5

Gabriel: Gabe holds the Black Codex in his hand. It’s black, it’s a book, but on the surface there’s not that much more to it. Though… maybe it’s the surreal mood of the carnival seeping into his mind, but he can almost feel a… power radiating from the tome. A weight that has nothing to do with mass. He had imagined this moment for a long time, even obsessed over it. Now that it is happening it's overwhelming. He scans the eyes of the posse, feeling the tension in the air that blocks out the remaining sounds of the night.
Gabe's heart pounds in his chest, but he turns a casual look to Rose, James, and Howell, breaking the silence “Well, I don’t reckon the ah, ‘ineffable forces’ that put together this here codex have much of a sense of showmanship… let’s just hope it will get the job done.”

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