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After Beales Took the Fall

33 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 3

The posse are taken aback by Idella Beales's actions...especially Rosaleen. But they try aim to ensure it isn't a sacrifice made in vain.

Rosaleen: The only reason Rose left the Marshal's office is because she's pretty sure Beales has a plan, but it's all she could do to hold down her bile and proceed out the door. As soon as the posse is far enough away, Rose stops everyone and in a panic says. "We're not gonna let her do this right? We're gonna make sure she's able to get away or do whatever plan it is she has up her sleeve?"

James: There’s no way I’m letting Beales take this hit. But I’m with you, I think Idella’s got something up her sleeve. Regardless the Wraith is her target too and I aim to fulfill that.

R: Rose looks at James, eyes fierce and wild. "I agree, I'm with ya James. We'll get the Wraith, fer all of us. But I could have easily gotten us out of that jail cell and dealt with Harris and Driscoll. Beales didn't need to come in there and do that! It makes me sick. We had to kill that man. There was no choice, he knew too much. It's just a part of this life we've been dragged into!" As she says that last part, it almost seems more like a question than a statement. "He wasn't a good man anyway. I'm sure of it!"

Gabriel: Good person or not, if you had to do it you had to. As far a Beales goes... I don't honestly know if the woman has a plan, but I reckon the woman made the smart move. The Wraith isn't liable to wait around, and the law is notoriously slow on matters like these. Gabe shoots a look at Bogue and Rose. "Still, I wish you had managed to be a little less sloppy with this whole affair." "On one matter I think we're all clear. There's no way in Hell we let Beales swing."

R: "Well, it wasn't a planned thing! At least, I didn't plan it. But I can do what needs to be done when it comes up." Rose says with false confidence, looking more like she's trying to convince herself. "It's settled then, we take care of the Wraith and we make sure Beales gets out." Rose seems a touch calmer at this, but she still looks like a scared, lost child who's only pretending to be okay. "To the Feathered Eel then, yes? Wait, where's Howell?" Rose looks around noticing Howell storming off down a side street.

J: Let him go. Howell’s got his own issues to work out. And speaking of sloppy, preacher, running a racket with Howell and The Drum of all people? Let’s all agree we’re best sticking together. For better or worse we’re family. And if we’re to face this coming apocalypse...We’d best do it as one. That’s the only way. We’ve got to tackle things one step at a time. The stakes are far too high now.

G: "The affair with the Drum!" Gabe begins to protest, but stops. "No you're right. It was... unwise to pull Howell into that. Dealing with 'clear moral centers' is still something of a new experience."

R: Rose looks a Gabe "Seems there are a lot of "new" experiences to deal with these days." She says it as an insult of sorts, but it comes out as more of a sad, confused statement. The look on Rose's face is filled with loneliness and longing; confusion and pain. She turns to James, "We should get goin', right? There isn't much time to prepare."

J: No time to waste. We’ve already lost a considerable amount. Let’s get to it. And remember, we can’t help Beales if we can’t beat the Wraith. Let’s be smart as we can and work together. - he emphasizes that last point rather heavily.

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