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Aboard Felicia's Grace

21 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 2

The posse decides their next step in the wake of the destruction of Coldwater Creek.

Marshal: After a sleepless night aboard Felicia's Grace, the airship of Doc James V., he approaches the four of you. "My friends, I am sorry for your loss, and I do not claim to understand exactly what happened, nor will I force you to tell me. But I must press on and return to Smith & Robards...where would you like me to take you?"

James: I can’t and don’t want to speak for the others, Doc, but I need to get to Denver.

Rosaleen: What's in Denver, James? The Baron?

J: Hopefully... answers. *Bogue looks grimly out the window. He’s shaken.* I won’t let anyone else suffer due to my inaction. I will make the Baron pay. And then I’m coming for whatever goddamn thing Gerald is.

R: Well, Gerald said the Baron was apart of everything, so it makes the most sense to go after'im. Guess we should have left sooner...

Gabriel: "Denver is as good a place as any whatever the reason. We didn't exactly have a contingency plan for Coldwater just... Ceasing to be."

R: Our plan has been the Baron all along, Gabe. And it's just been moved along by outside forces. We clearly got too caught up and side tracked in Coldwater Creek.

J: I’m not blaming anyone but me here. Someone’s obviously been manipulating things from beyond. I ain’t a puppet and don’t mean to make peace with it anytime soon. I don’t care who I need to cut down, the Baron will fall and with it his whole bloody empire.

R: Well, that's just stupid, James. There are 4 of us here apart of this, so it's not just yer fault. Get off yer high horse. But, I do agree with ya about the Baron falling. I'll not rest until he does.

G: Look James... Your Baron is one thing. Far be it from me to tell you how to handle him, but maybe it would be best for us to stay as far away from Gerald... Chaos.. whoever he is if at all possible. We didn't exactly have that situation in hand.

R: We don't have that luxury, Gabe. We're chosen fer some damn reason. You should especially know that since apparently you have some God behind you grantin you powers.

J: I’ll take my chances when it comes to that. Besides you know what a- *reloads his revolver and spins the gun back into his holster* -“cautious” man I am. Howell you’ve been awfully quiet. Listen I know you and I are in the same boat. I don’t plan on leaving you out to dry. But recent events have led me to believe we’re all connected in some sick game. Your Ludie and my Baron are also connected. Finding one may lead to another.

Howell: *Howell lets out a quiet snort at Jame's comment* I know you're being sarcastic James, but if we were a bit more cautious back there we might not be in this situation... no offense, of course.

R: Cautious? Where? With Gerald? What could we possibly have done different?

H: Well, for one, we could have NOT followed a trail of mangled corpses to the lair of some flannel-mouthed psychopath who has some dark plan for the four of us and the rest of the world...

R: So, we should have ignored it instead? Didn't feel like there was much choice there. Those were people who mattered to us. I think we were going to walk into Gerald's trap one way or another.

J: Doesn’t matter how it happened. It just did. No way around that now. We have to start moving on our own. They want to tie us up and keep us off the trail. We can’t let them.

H: James is right. And speakin' of trails, that Gerald fella gave us a clue as to where Ludie might be. The Sisters of Imminence... Doc, you know anything about them?

G: I know you want to find your wife Howell, but I'd take anything "helpful" that that... Thing told us with a handful of salt. There are more types of bait than trails of corpses.

M: Doc James V thinks for a moment. "There are many groups of people with strange beliefs and names that have found fertile soil out here in the West. Desperate people, those who have encountered the unexplainable," and at this, his eyes trace the faces of your group, "and the lost - they all seek answers. And many are happy to give them those answers. Not too dissimilar to your own holy brethren, eh preacher? The Sisters of Imminence...I do not know them. But they put me in mind of such a group, one with answers enough to prey on those that seek them. I believe you are searching for a religious group of some kind. And I use the term 'religious' quite lightly."

H: Well, I reckon there's got to be a place to find out more about them... some burg in these parts that trades in scuttlebutt that we can use.

J: Denver will be that place. It’s a start anyway.

R: We can always go somewhere else from Denver, if need be, but I say the closer the better to start. We need to hit the ground runnin'.

M: Doc James V. nods. "Denver it is then, my friends."

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