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A Lonely Sunset

25 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 3

Rosaleen and James Bogue reconnect.

Rosaleen: As much as Rosaleen enjoys people, she gets tired of running circles around them. There are few who can keep up with her before she has them in the palm of her hand, spilling information they'll kick themselves later for divulging. And dealing with mundane folks is tiring for Rosaleen after a while. Sometimes she just needs to get away from it all. Tonight was one of those nights. There's a nice little spot on the south side of town that has the most magnificent view of the Rockies. But on this night, someone found her spot first. The glow of that pipe is unmistakable. "Is this where you've been hidin' all this time, James?"

​James: The soft glow of the pipe’s embers light the features of his face as he looks back towards

Rosaleen. It’s not surprising Rose would be the one to find this spot. “Ms. Byrne. A pleasure as always.” He says as he clears a spot next to him.

R: Rose takes a moment to regard James, then finally decides to sit. "So, James, I hope the company you're keepin' now is quite interestin'. Otherwise I'll be insulted by the extended absence." She says this directly and without humor.

J: A hint of a blush, covered thoroughly by thick stubble, flashes across his face. He ponders a moment, smiles, and looks as the sun sets against the Rockies bathing the area in an orange glow. Rose looks radiant as ever, he thinks. “S’good to see you too.”

R: Rose never can stay mad at James long. She relaxes her demeanor a bit. "Any luck? I'm workin' my way through this town myself. Bunch of loose lipped, rich suckers here. I've not got anythin' concrete yet, cept' a nice bit 'o change and some good dirt." She smiles brazenly.

J: “Old dirt eh? I’ve rustled up damn near every lowlife cowpoke outside Five Points and not a one knows where the fuc— pardon, where the Baron might be. I’m at my wits, Rose.” Bogue stares ruefully at the city below.

R: "Well, you don't need to be doin' it on yer own, James. Findin' the Baron is in my wheelhouse and, honestly, I'm itchin' to find him too. And I'm good backup. And Gabe's good at talkin' info out of other folks. We make a good team. I hear Howell is beatin' the shit out of folks around town. Could be useful as well, don't ya think?"

J: There was something about Rose. Her optimism through hardship maybe? Something that struck James as wholly different from anyone he’d ever known. “Gabe can go fuck himself. Pardon, but half this mess is likely his fault. And Howell... that man’s in need of saving himself.” James caught himself a bit. Backpedaling wasn’t in his nature but he knew things were tough on Rose most of all. “Sorry, I spoke outta turn. You know I’d trust you with my life, right?”

R: Rose tempered her response. She knew that Gabe and James had a bit of a contentious relationship and though she didn't like the way James talked about Gabe, she mostly let it slide because she was not fully admitting to herself her own frustrations and worries about Gabe since Coldwater Creek. "I'll agree with ya on Howell, but you know, he's takin' things into his own hands. You gotta respect at least that from the man. When we first met him I thought he was a sap. He's provin' himself useful I'd say. And Gabe, well, he does walk himself and the rest of us into danger, but he's gotten us out of just as many a tricky situation. And of course I know you trust me. You'd be stupid not to!" She smiles at him warmly. " I trust you too, James. Even though you've been avoidin' us, I still know you've got my back!" She winks at him.

J: There it was. That trademarked Rose wink. It melted his heart faster than a noon sun in Summer. Don’t dwell James. “Rose, I thank you. My reverie brings me to dark places and I am in a dark mood since Coldwater. The Baron’s reckoning is coming and your help is appreciated.” “As for Gabe... he needs discipline. I needed a break from him and well everyone. I apologize, but I needed to... distance and refocus.” He puts his hand on hers, gently. “I’m back now.” He removes his hand and shuffles a bit, “You had news?”

R: "Well, to be honest, I was gonna help whether or not you were okay with it, but glad yer on board! Less arguin' that way! I can understand needin' a break. Things went...well, weird doesn't cover it, but everythin' went wrong in Coldwater in the worst way. Just ya know, we're there for ya. I'll double down on gettin' info. We'll find im soon and make im pay." Her face darkens for a moment and then she stands to go. "I should get back, see what sort of dirt Gabe's dug up today. Come around once in a while, James, why don't ya. We'll compare notes. You know where I'll be .See ya soon, love." She heads back towards town as the dark settles in.

J: Bogue watches her leave. And exhales for what seems like the first time since she came around. What is it about that woman? Never you mind, James Bogue. The Baron is the only thing that matters now and your friends are the only ones you can trust. He taps his pipe out and stuffs it in his pocket and heads back to town after one last look towards the snowy mountains as a fresh dusting begins to settle around him.

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