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Torte Law and Rosaleen Play for Secrets

1 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 1

After the ordeal with Death Steel, Archie, and Prof. Brown, the ladies play a friendly game of dice.

Torte Law: Want to play dice, Rosaleen?

Rosaleen: You know I'll play dice anytime with you Torte! What're we gamblin for?

T: I like your watch. You want to put up your watch? I'll match it with two wolf skins and a secret.

R: That is somethin. I'll take that wager!

Marshal: Good. Get your dice (Stakes are set. Both of you need to make a Gambling roll. But first...either one of you planning to cheat?)

T: Nope

R: Now, would I do that, Marshal? Why no I would not. I feel I can beat Torte fair and square.

T: Good. Get your dice and here's a bowl. You get six dice. I have the sticks.

M: (All right then. Both of you make a Gambling roll. That's with your wild die. Highest roll wins this game of sticks and dice.)

R: I got a 5, Marshal.

T: I got a 6. My 4 aced.

R: Damnit Torte, how'd you do that!? Another round?

T: Of course. What do you want to put up this time? By the way, I can't carry this watch. It uses metal. Would you carry it for me?

R: Haha, I thought it strange you wanted that. Course I'll carry it. I like this secret thing, let's play for secrets.

T: I don't know. I have good Secrets. Are your secrets as good as mine?

R: I deal in secrets my dear, I always have a good one ;)

T: Excellent. One of my secrets against one of your secrets.

T: When the rains stopped for the season, and there was no food, a young mother left her tribe and went out looking for food.She walked for three days until she came to a lodge where she heard a party happening. She went to the door and saw three tall men.They were drinking and playing dice. She watched them play until they fell asleep. The next day, she returned. They were there again.She asked to play. She knew that she was with the gods. She put her child up against the rain. And she won back the rain. What would you play for, Rosaleen? If you were playing dice with the gods?

R: Well, I'd play for power my dear Torte. And I'd win it.

T: And what would you do with that power? Would you hold the rain?

R: Hmm, I'd build a better world for those who struggle. So maybe, if it was needed.

T: Would you? Huh. That's not an answer I was expecting. Your eyes are so filled with now. I didn't know you could see past now.

R: Now's all we got, but if I can control now, I can shape it for tomorrow. Rich folk step on the weak. I can do better with what they've got.

T: Did you get stepped on? You talk like someone who knows what it's like to be stepped on, but you carry yourself like a queen.

R: My family's poor. Poor folk don't get help in this life. Gotta do it myself & I'm doing just that. Rich folk are stupid & love to be charmed

R; I got a 3...

T: I got a 3

M: (That there's a push. Sweeten the pot, or roll again for the same stakes.)

R: Well well well, we can't let that stand now can we. (Rolls again)

T: I like your willingness to take risks. Especially the ill-advised ones. (Rolls)

R: Well, would you look at that! I got a 9!

T: That beats my 6.

R: I'd say it was quite well advised, love :). What secret you got for me?

T: Here's the secret. A lizard told me this. Your name is on the wind. The spirits say you have a big role to play. When the lizard told me that, I said, Are you sure you have the right person? But he was sure.

R: Ye of little faith! A lizard huh? Well, you can always be sure that I'm important, that's not new info, but I'm curious about this wind part

T: It's not a secret? Well, the Holbrook gang doesn't seem to know it!

R: That's their mistake.

T: (Laughing) You show them! I'll watch. From way up in this tree.

R: It'll be a good show

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