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Rosaleen Visits Union Blue

19 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 2

Manford Gauss owes Rosaleen something, and she intends to collect.

Rosaleen: (Rosaleen makes her way down to the Union Blue camp in her finest dress) Why hello there, I'm here to speak with Mr. Manford Gauss. (She says while smiling sweetly to the guard at the front of the camp)

Marshal: Manford is directing his men as they pack up the camp. "Good day, Ms. Byrne. I apologize, but you've come at an inopportune time. Perhaps we could speak at a later date?" He then goes back to directing his men.

R: Why no, we cannot. We need to discuss the payment you promised me and my companions or would you rather have your men see that you go back on your word?

M: A couple of nearby Union Blue men turn and look at you after you say this, then look at each other and laugh. Manford turns to you with a pleasant looking smile on his face. "I did indeed promise you and your companions payment. I don't believe a timeline was ever discussed. So how, exactly, would I be going back on my word, Ms. Byrne?"

R: Well, it seems you are leavin' town. So, when is it exactly you were going to discuss that with us? Maybe I'm bein' rude and you had planned to stop by the church on the way out? With all yer gear.

M: "My men and I have business to attend to in the area, Ms. Byrne. Our world extends beyond the confines of Coldwater Creek, and this little altercation with Black River will have consequences. But don't worry your pretty head, I wouldn't miss the opportunity to lay eyes on you when we return," he says, winking. "Now, if you don't mind..."

R: (She glares at him) Excuse me, Mr. Gauss, you have business to attend to here first or the next time you LAY eyes on me will be a regrettable one for you.

M: He turns fully toward you now, his expression darkening. "That's quite a lot of threatening you're doing there, Ms. Byrne. I don't much care for it. Especially from someone who purports to be a 'godly' woman associating with this town's 'wonderful' preacher. I wonder, how do you think the folk of Coldwater Creek would react were they to learn that their preacher has carnal knowledge of a witch?"

R: My my, is it just that you promised something you can't fulfill? It seems you will take any old tactic to get out of an agreement. This must be a common occurrence for you. I know many men who are defensive when they feel inadequate too.

M: Make a Taunt roll for me, Rosaleen.

R: Why, I rolled an 11 Marshal.

M: Manford rolls a 3 for his Smarts. He bristles at your words, and you see his men shoot wary looks at each other. Stiffly, he sputters, "I think you should watch your tone, Ms. Byrne," as he glares at you, a dangerous look in his eye. One of his soldiers, Chuck you think, walks over and places a hand on his shoulder. "Manford...maybe we should deal with this later..." Manford looks over at him, and then at the rest of his men, who all avert their eyes. His face reddens, and he turns back to face you. "Ms. Byrne. My men and I have business. But we will soon return. And rest assured," he states, pointedly, "you will be the very first person we visit when we get back."

R: And when will that be, Gauss? Do I strike you as the sort of person who lets people walk over me?

M: A man snickers from behind Manford, and he whips around, glaring. Turning back to you:"I can't say. Shouldn't be more then a week or two at most. And I'll make sure to have your goddamn payment," he spits, turning on his heels and striding away from you. Chuck looks at you, and says, stoically, "I think you'd better go, Miss."

R: (She calls after Gauss) I'll be lookin forward to it. (She looks pointedly at Chuck) Remind him that if he ever hopes to put a railhead here, he will follow through with that promise he just made. (She leaves)

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