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Rosaleen S. Byrne

38 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 4

Character Portrait

What Rosaleen looks like: She's a dark Irish beauty with long dark brown hair, green eyes, and very pale skin. She is a charming manipulator, but she has something haunted about her. She's a high class escort who uses her charms and beauty to get what she wants, dressing to highlight her best traits. She often wears a red or deep green western saloon style dress with black lace trim and detail with dark jewelry as accessory and a flower in her hair.
She often wears her hair gathered to one side. She’s smart and resourceful and wants to appear in control. She has knives hidden on her person in multiple places; garter belts, bust, boot, wherever she can conceivably hide one. She uses a lace hand fan and has two hand fans with a razor edge if the need to use them ever arises. She is also a Huckster. She holds a hand of ethereal black playing cards blazing with ghostly green light. She deals with manitou or demons to take their power for her own purpose. It's a dangerous game, but one she has mostly won so far...She has a couple of decks of playing cards always on her person to help conceal her Huckster magic when needed. She also has a large black pearl that can contain a single spell. When is has a spell in it, it glows red. When she's traveling, she wears much more practice attire. A basic white blouse and a heavy duty traveling skirt with a wide hat to protect her from the sun and heavy boots. She has a quick draw knife holster that holds her two Bowie knives, Scarlet and Mary, and holds 10 throwing knives. Her horse, Juliet, is a black dappled beauty.

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