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James and Rosaleen Discuss the Finer Points of Tactful Violence

2 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 1

James, cautious as always, shares his concerns with Rosaleen about the way things are going in Coldwater Creek.

Rosaleen: Hey James! I feel like our horse trick practice is going well! Dot's a pretty fancy horse, of course you'd pick a good one :)

James: Dot's a good one that's for sure. One of these days I'll teach you to ride! Then you can grab me!
R: Wouldn't that be a trick! I just might take you up on that, James!

J: Might teach you to shoot as well. Keep that... power of yours a bit more contained. You're good with a knife and that can be just as deadly.

R: Guns are such a loud weapon, but I won't turn down an opportunity to learn from you, James :) I know u don't like my powers,but they've saved our arses many a time. Have to admit it's a damn good thing I've got 'em & wield 'em so well

J: I get that, s'part of the reason I asked you to help me. But Coldwater might not be ready for such an overt display.

R: You're right, of course, James. I've had to pull them out in this town more than I intended. It's not the way I generally like to start.

J: That Archie had no right comin' atcha like that, but Gabe's gonna have to contain himself a bit to remain in the town's graces I think.

R: Why, thank ya, James. Yes, Gabe gets worked up sometimes, it wasn't an ideal situation, but if anyone can set it right, Gabe'll be able to. And we've got you and Torte with us, between all our brilliant minds and talents, we'll push through I do believe!

J: He's a silver tongued sonofabitch. I believe you're right. Let's hope the town sees it the same.

R: Isn't he though! It's quite a wonder to watch!

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