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James Bogue

37 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 4

Character Portrait

James Bogue: A Description. Tall, lean, with sunken cheeks and a haunted look. A crisp but thick mustache droops over his upper lip. Blue eye. A brown leather eyepatch over his left eye. Dark, slightly graying hair under a wide brimmed black hat with a tightly pinched crown. Black canvas duster, plain and unadorned. Looks almost gray due to the amount of trail dust on it. Gray herringbone vest with 4 pockets and a loose dark red neckerchief around his neck. Black pants splattered with mud and dust around his booted feet. White collarless shirt. His main holster is dark leather, also unadorned, with the gun sitting in his right hip. In that is Lifedrinker. When put to purpose the intricate scroll work along the barrel & cylinder glows red. His trusty Peacemaker sits in a crossguard holster over his left side. His horse, Dot, is an American Quarter Horse. Mostly brown with one white splotch on her muzzle. She carries his rifle (a Winchester ‘73), rope, bedroll, and sundry gear in her saddlebags.

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