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Gabriel's Powers of Persuasion

13 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 2

In the immediate aftermath of the events happening during the night at the church, Gabriel checks out a hunch and speaks with Rosaleen...

Marshal: Sure was a lot of confusion where we left off...make a Smarts roll for me Gabriel

Gabriel: Looks like it's a 6 Marshall

M: Despite all the madness of the evening, you have a growing suspicion about why Rosaleen has a slash on her palm... Anything you want to check out right quick?

G: I never thought... I mean the townsfolk are one thing, they're simpletons... But Rose... I'll go to check the door of the church

M: Above the main doorway of the church, you find a smear of blood...and it looks relatively fresh.

G: My face goes pale, I try and wipe the blood off.... I can't keep this to myself anymore, I just hope she can still trust me after this

M: Everyone is distracted trying to calm down Frederic Coulp, so no one observes you wiping it away. Talk to Rosaleen? Or wait?

G: The thought eats at me, I need to address it now. I pull Rosaleen to the side. Rosaleen I know there's a situation going on... But do you recall at all what I said in church... About blood and devotion?

M: *You do remember that, Rosaleen. It struck you as a romantic notion. And it seemed only right to be seen doing what Gabe urged others to do*

Rosaleen: Of course I do, my dear. It was lovely, but what does that have to do with what's happening right now? Do you think this is church related?

G: Lovely? It was absurd! This is all horse shit to con these people! You cut yourself and spread it on the church! Does that sound like you?

M: *Rosaleen, you vaguely remember this. You felt like it was maybe...important? To reinforce Gabe? It's foggy...*

R: What? But I was being helpful...fer the con to work...I...I mean, I guess the request itself is strange..& yeah, not like me...but for you, darlin', you know I'll do whatever it takes.

G: All this insanity, zealotry and violence! these people eat up my every word! But you know it's all show! Did.. did I make you do it somehow?

R: (She smiles) you have never been able to make me do somethin' I don't want to. You know that too well, how could you have possibly done that?

G: I know I'm a charmer... But this feels different. It has for a while..

R: Different how? You know you have quite the silver tongue and this town seems to be full of folk who want what yer sellin'. (She puts her hand on Gabe's cheek) My dear, yer worrin' me. It isn't like you to get so shaken up about this sort'a thing.

G: Rose, you hurt yourself... You know I'd never ask you to do that. Maybe you're right and it's nothing, but I'm not so sure.

M: *Make a Smarts roll at a -4 Rosaleen*

R: (At a -4 that puts me at a 2)

M: *Now that you remember cutting your hand, it doesn't seem like a big deal. You did it to be helpful. It was your decision, after all.*

R: My love, I know you would never make me hurt myself. We do so well together & I've always got yer back in a con. That's all this is. You've got good ideas, I help move them along. Everythin' is OK. I think maybe yer finally surprisin' yerself with yer own power ;). We can talk more about this later, but I think we might need those powers of yers with this Fredrick fella over here.

G: Maybe you're right. This town is just doing strange things to me. Time to deal with the task at hand.

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