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Finding Zachary Driscoll

4 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 1

The posse found a disturbing journal at the late Claybrook Dellinger's claim, and their only lead in this "explosive" mystery is mention of a map, lost in a game of cards to one Zachary Driscoll...

James: Need to sort out this Driscoll character. Rosaleen, Gabriel, Torte Law who's with me? Might need a delicate touch.

Torte Law: Delicate is my middle name.

Rosaleen: (Laughs at Torte Law) I'm certainly with ya! In fact, I tried to see where that Eli was & didn't like what I found...seemed to be losing himself in a terrible way.
J: Sure. He saw where his friend was headin' doubt there's much to bring ya back from that. If we can get rid of this map it'd be best for all.

T: Hang on, now. We have to get the map from Zachary so we know where this explody monster came from.

J: I'm not 100% there is a monster causing all this. Could just be the goddamned ghost rock making people crazy and volatile.

R: Could be, it's interestin stuff. Hope they're not eating it...

J: Regardless the map is safer in our hands.

T: Well he lost it playing poker. So we should go where they play poker.

R: And play to get it back!? I like where yer head's at Torte!

T: My theory is that they released an old evil, locked up for good reason. A spirit, maybe, but rotten and twisted and explody.

R: A spirit? How would we deal with such a thing?

T: I don't know. Find it first. Then improvise.

T: Hey, what time does my watch say it is?

Marshal: (Is this happening the evening after dealing with Death Steel?)

T: (It has to be after, I think)

M: (Then it is currently 5:35 pm on this glorious Sunday evening. And you all already know where Claybrook Dellinger played for and lost his's all in the journal.)

R: It's 5:35, Torte.

T: Hello, watch that belongs to me. You tell good time. (Smiles at Rosaleen) Shall we go, then?

R: It's a good watch, Torte. It's good metal and the mechanical gears sound so lovely. Quite an innovation of the modern world Yes let's go!

T: James! Shoot her!

R: Really, Torte? First off, James would never. Second, you're too fun to play with! Can't help myself.

T: Of course not really. (Looks at James and mouths really. Do it. Shoot her)

R: (Smiles at James) I see you Torte. You're all talk, so cute!

T: You see nothing. Also, I am only cute when I am a squirrel. But then, I am the most mind blowingly cute thing you've ever seen!

R: I'd love to see that, dear. Oh! Next bet! If I win you show me you changing into your cute squirrel!

T: You have nothing of equal value to offer me. That would be a terrible bet for me.

R: Wow, that's what you think of me? Underestimated.

T: Oh, not underestimated. Smallpox is very powerful and I respect it, but I don't want it to give me anything.

R: No,you don't have to say anything more.I see I don't impress you,Torte. That's perfectly fine.I've got my own tricks,don't need to see yours

J: Enough talk. Let's mosey to the Saddle Burr. See what we can find out. Might talk to Doc Hollingsbeck about Claybrook as well.

T: Let's go!

R: Sounds good. Should we go in separate to Saddle Burr? See if we can spread out and gain more info our own ways?

J: Sure. I think the townsfolk know us as a group however, so is showing up there at the same time probably isn't a big deal.

T: Rosaleen doesn't want us to cramp her style. Do you want to go in first and flirt? James, I mean. Do you, James, want to flirt with a bunch of poker players?

J: Wouldn't you know it, they're not my type. Rosie so what you need to. Torte give her backup. I'll saddle up to the bar.

T: If by back up, you mean, keep my distance and watch for anyone in need of a quick dart to the neck, then I am on it. (I get my blowgun out, load is with a psychedelic dart)

R: Ooo, I like that idea! Come on Torte, men are easy to charm. No offense, James

J: *blushes, tips hat, walks ahead*

M: (You all walk into the Saddle Burr. Everything about it is small, dingy, and dirty feeling. It's a stark contrast to the Laughing Lady. The patrons here are all rough and dirty themselves. Miners, mostly, weather-beaten and tired. A few are drinking, a few playing cards.)
(The mood here is both quieter and rougher. What are you all wanting to do?)

R: (Rosaleen heads to the bar and sits down at a seat where there are empty seats on either side of her)

T: (Finds a place where I can keep an eye on Rosaleen, far enough that she can do her thing, close enough to jump in if things go sideways)

J: (Surveys the room, looking for seedy types. Goes up to bar) Whiskey?

M: (You all take up your positions. A dirty and sour looking man pours you a shot of whiskey in a dusty shot glass.) (Many eyes are on Rosaleen. A few people shoot furtive glances Torte Law's direction. No one wants to look at James.) (Anyone looking for information on Driscoll, make a Streetwise roll. Rosaleen, add your Charisma to yours in this place.)

R: (Rolled a 9)

T: (I am not trying to do anything but lean up against this post and hold this perfectly innocent blow gun)

J: rolled a 4

M: Driscoll? *hack* Yeah, I know 'im. Comes in here for a game sometimes. Cleans fellers out.

J: He here tonight? Might fancy myself a game. Not much of a player, sad to admit. (My demeanor has not changed. Impossible to tell emotion)

M: (He eyes you up. He appears to be used to tough customers.) He ain't been here for a week or so. Who's askin'?

J: Name's Bogue. You wouldn't know where he's playing now-a-days would ya? S'real important I find him. His mother's real sick. (Steely eyed)

M: (He meets your gaze and spits tobacco onto the bar floor) Is she now? Right shame. Like I said, he ain't been here for a spell... (He looks you over once more) But he always comes back by. Check back in a day or so... I'll let him know to expect you. (He grins)

J: You'll keep your mouth shut. (Wry smile. Drops half-eagle on counter, and slides it over)

M: (He snaps the coin up quick as a rattler.) Maybe I will at that.

J: (I tip my hat and make my way to Torte.)

R: (Rosaleen looks a little lost, starts digging through her bag, frustrated. She notices people looking at her, hoping someone will come over)

M: (An older, drunken miner with a scraggly beard walks up to Rosaleen.) You lookin' fer somethin' little lady?

R: Oh! I think I left my money at home. I'm so scatterbrained. Just wanted a drink after a hard day. It's alright, I'll just have to come back.

M: (His eyes narrow as you touch him, and he darts out a hand to grasp your wrist) Well don't be in no kinda hurry. I'll buy ya a drink, pretty lady. What's your pleasure? (He giggles crudely)

T: Oh, hell, no!

J: (Can I see this? Want to give Torte a discreet "hang on" motion")

M: (You're caught up in your conversation. Everything else fades into the background)T: Can I aim?

M: (At the man with Rosaleen? You can...might be imprudent...)

T: Can I shoot daggers at him with my eyes?

M: (That you can. As a free action even)


R: Well isn't that kind of you. I fancy a tequila, myself. And I wouldn't mind some company while I drink. (And I place my hand on his warmly)

M: (He seems taken aback by your reaction. Hoarsely, he barks for a tequila and pays for your drink, then grabs a seat next to you.) Now what brings you to the Saddle Burr, little missy?

R: I've had a terrible day. Found out my brother lost the deed to our house to a man named Driscoll in a game of poker.

M: (His face darkens and he spits on the ground) Driscoll? That sunuvabitch cleaned your brother out to, eh? Lousy dandy's what he is. Always in here runnin' his mouth bout how he's such a big shot, he's on Harris's payroll, he's the best card player yada yada...sides, he's a cheat

R: What?! A cheat? Well then I need to get my deed back! Do you know where I can find him?

M: Driscoll's away from time to time looking into Harris's interests and what not. But he's a bad penny. He'll turn up. Back to bankrupt us.

R: Well thank you so much. You've made my day better. I guess I should go find my brother! (I kiss him on the cheek and leave)

M: (He's completely disarmed by your brashness, and let's you leave, shock on his face)

T: (I look at James and tip my head towards the door)

R: (She joins James and Torte) Well, apparently Driscoll's in here a lot. Works for Harris. Apparently a cheat. I bet I could beat 'im :)

J: Might could. Let's have Gabe's errand boy keep an eye out for him. Shall we talk to the doc? Maybe he saw Claybrook and can explain?

T: Harris is the guy in the big house?

J: Yep. Owns most of the mines in the area. Rich bastard. Sounds like he keeps questionable company, as well.

T: I don't think I should backup Rosaleen anymore. She can melt people. She doesn't need back up.

J: But Torte, that's exactly why you should back her up.

T: "Hey, buddy, back off. Rosie's melt you, or I will make you super high." Uh, Rosaleen should be backing ME up.

R: Oh, finally not underestimatin me, Torte! But I enjoy your company

T: Oh, I respect you, Rosaleen. Like I respect 7 bears.

R: I think that's a compliment, but I'm not sure you're feelings on bears. Well, I'll take it as a compliment

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