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34 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 4

R: It's another day of travel. Rosaleen feels about as good as she did yesterday. Groggy, exhausted, but determined. Helping to defeat the Wraith made her feel productive and she's ready to move on to the next. Getting tangible results feels reassuring. Nightmares have been plaguing Rose since before the posse left Denver, but she hasn't shared them with anyone. Beales often plays a part in them as well as her party members. They are often filled with disappointment and disapproval or they are all together dead at her own hand. Part of her thinks she deserves this punishment. Another part of her pushes it all down and continues on about her day, ignoring it as much as she can. What she doesn't know is how apparent her troubled sleeping has become to her party members. She thinks she's hiding it, but she isn't. It's written all over her face, her behavior, and her actions. Gabriel takes Rose's hand pulling her to a stop. His touch startles her, as she was stuck in her own thoughts, not realizing the group had decided to take a quick rest. She looks at him and smiles, but it doesn't touch her eyes. Pain bursts within her, but she pushes it aside. She is so sick of feeling things she doesn't understand. Gabriel is so close and yet so far from her. She pulls our her canteen and joins the group to rest under a nearby tree.

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