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Explody Monsters

10 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 1

Torte Law and James try to figure out what's going on with these disgusting creatures.

Torte Law: James, I have done some thinking. We knew about one explody monster, but when we got to that cave, there were five. Now, where are they coming from? Maybe they are being freed from the cave as the rocks are moved away.

James: But none of the rocks were moved from the cave-in. What we saw must've come out before the cave-in. Or there's another outlet.

T: Maybe they are multiplying in a traditional manner. I don't know. But maybe that one that went running off is looking for a new body.

J: A new body? That's... unsettling.

T: Nothing in the journal tells us how these things took over the first man. It just sounds like a fever.

J: S'why I think we should talk to the doc sooner rather than later.

T: If we get too close, what's to keep them from taking over one of us?

J: I'm pretty sure if I shoot it's head off it won't infect me. I'll trust that for now.

T: I agree. In the meantime, four of them are running around like people. Maybe spreading this. Did you notice how they talked?

J: Hard not to. We know what they look like though so we can hopefully spot them sooner.

T: If I seem to be acting odd, ask me what my horse's name is. If I can't answer, kill me immediately. Here's my thinking. The explody monster gets into a person and kills them, then it rides around in that body until it gets shot and BAM!

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