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27 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 3

What should be a simple job instead reveals that Gabe and Rosaleen are not the finely-tuned machine they once were.

R: Rosaleen was tired. It had been a long day, but a fruitful one. She'd made some good money and she'd finally overheard something useful. There was a new, young, banker in town. Ellis Ballard, clearly a man who came from old money and had never known a day of struggle in his life. Ballard was waving his money around the Old Louisville Inn, drunk and showing off all he had, boasting about the bank he had just opened. "It's the best and most safest bank in Denver! Only the greatest most important men will bank at Ballard Bank of the West! I'm going to own this town in no time flat! You'll all see! So who wants to buy me a drink!?" Rose decided to make her way over to him. Easy money. She was surprised he hadn't started throwing it all over the bar floor yet. "Mr. Ballard is it? Seems like you are a good man to know in this town." She smiled warmly at him. He stopped to look at her. Took him a while as he couldn't seem to figure out which one of her was talking. Finally his eyes focused and he said. "What are you? Some kind of

whore? Ya are quite pretty, I'll give you that, but I don't need to pay for a painted cat! I can get any woman I want and I'd rather have one that isn't already ruined." Then he flitted his hand at her dismissing her as if she was some sort of servant. She sat for a moment starring at him coldly. And then got up with out a word and went about her business. If she couldn't get him this way, she knew of someone who could. She smiled to herself, knowing this man had just made a huge mistake. She found Gabe at home, finishing off a glass of fine Irish scotch. "Hello, my love. I've missed ya today." She sat on his lap kissing him sweetly.

G: Gabe smiles, pushing away his glass and putting an arm around Rose. "If this is what I get when you miss me I reckon I should make myself scarce more often." He brushes a lock of hair off her face "Though I highly doubt I could keep myself away from you for long darlin"

R: "Flatterer." She smiles at him and kisses him again, deeper this time. "I think I found somethin' for you today, my dear. Remember that bank examiner scam you told me about? Well, there's a new addle-headed, anglomaniac, banker in town. The one who opened Ballard Bank of The West. I think he'd be a perfect mark, either him directly, his bank tellers, or maybe even a patron or two. Names Ellis Ballard. I don't think he'd know a proper bank note if it bit him in the arse. And yer the best counterfeiter I've even come upon. He's easy money and he deserves to be knocked down a notch or two. He won't do anythin' good fer this town" She smiles at him, hoping that she finally found something for him to get excited about. Something for him to take his mind off of Coldwater. Something for them both.

G: A hint of a smile crosses Gabe's face, "I suppose it has been a while since we've parted a fool from his money. Far be it from me to waste our god-given talents!" Gabe catches his own words and a troubled look flits across his face. "I... Well... you know what I mean." He shakes it off, turning his mind back to the challenge at hand. "We'll need supplies and a look at Mr Moneybag's establishment. Let's not wait long on this one. I can cobble together a pile of less than legal tender and a disguise tonight. I say we make our move tomorrow"

R: Rose catches a worried look that briefly touches Gabe's face. She feels a startling burst of anger in herself that she doesn't fully understand, but it quickly passes and she pushes the feeling out of her mind. "I love the way you think, darlin'! Tomorrow it is! I'll be ready!" Gabe seemed focused, more present in a way then he had in a while, at least for this moment. She wanted to hold on to him, kiss every part of him as if she could preserve that moment forever if she didn't let him go. But she knew he needed to dive into something. So she kissed him once more and left him to work.

G: The night went faster than Gabe expected. There hadn't been much call for forgery as Coldwater Creek's resident charlatan, but the old tricks came back to him when he called. What truly mattered in a good forgery was the feel, the weight and texture of the paper in your hand" If the feel was right, the fine details barely mattered. More often than not people saw what they expected to see, all Gabe had to do was suggest it. Before long Gabe gathered his case of fakes, donned a quick disguise and woke rose. It was time to set the wheels in motion.

"An" The young teller stuttered, his thick spectacles sliding down his nose as he spoke. " I don't know if I can" "Completely routine I assure you." Gabe interrupted with bored confidence. The tone of authority opened more doors than any key. "We have reason to believe that a patron who was here earlier today deposited marked bills into his account. As per protocol I'll need to examine the money in the till. I recommend you lock the front door for security purposes. I'll only need a moment to examine the evidence" "Gosh p...pp..protocol!" The gangly clerk looked excited. "You lookin' fer some sorta smu...smuggler or somethin'?" Gabe shot him a stern look. "I can't divulge that sort of information. It could be dangerous but I assure you we do appreciate your assistance." The boy's eyes grew wide with a hint of excitement. Everyone loved to believe they were being pulled into something important. It made them easier to fool. He turned to unlock the till. Gabe scanned the bank with his eyes. For a hasty job this was going off without a hitch. The place gleamed with the arrogance of a new establishment, inexperienced employees, lax procedures. With a firm handshake and a look of purpose, no one had batted an eye at Gabe's requests. "Here's everything that's come in t.. t. today sir." The boy said, handing over a box of sorted bills. Gabe nodded sternly and turned to take the money to a nearby table. "Gosh! Imagine me helping in a b..b..bonified investigation in my first week! Wait till Momma hears!" Gabe looked at the money laid out in front of him. Perfect. All he had to do now was switch out the real with the fake, declare his search fruitless, and walk out the door into the crowd. The job was easier than it had any right to be, but then again Gabe had always been lucky. Gabe glanced over at the teller, his adam's apple bobbing as he fidgeted with a pen, then back at the cash, ripe for the taking. A thought struck him. He thought of the shame the boy would feel. Losing his job. Disappointing his family. Why had this never mattered before? Just make the switch, he thought to himself.... Cursing under his breath, he closed the box of money and carried it back to the teller. "It appears my search is fruitless, but I appreciate your assistance nevertheless. You have a fine day young man." And Gabe walked out. Rose waited a block away, ready to make the hand-off in case of pursuit. As he approached, he tried to summon the casual swagger that served him so well before. It wouldn't come. He couldn't meet Rose's eye. "It didn't pan out this time dear. I'm sorry. There were complications."

R: "Complications? What do ya mean? What went wrong?" She saw shame on his face. She didn't understand.

G: "It just... There were more people involved than intended." Gabe couldn't help but let some anger and frustration into his voice. "It didn't work out! We'll find another mark! I had to make a call and I made one. I can't get out of my damn head about it."

R: Emotion burst through Rose. She was angry, hurt, terrified, she wanted to cry, and she was angry at herself for feeling all of these things she didn't understand. She couldn't hide it all, but she kept her cool as best as possible. "What do ya mean more people than intended? That's never stopped you before. It was just more of a challenge for you to beat." Somewhere in the back of Rose's mind she knew the answer. She knew what was going on, but she refused to acknowledge it. Because acknowledging that thought meant she would have to accept that the world isn't what she thought. That things were changing and she was terrified. But at this moment, she was just angry. She wanted Gabe to say the right thing, to have the right answers.

G: "I know Rose! I know! You think this doesn't bother me? I don't know what to think about anything anymore! I've never cared about any of this before but suddenly I get hung up on some damn teller who's barely old enough to use a razor!" Gabe steps away his hand on his forehead and collects himself for a second. "Rose.. look I'm sorry. Everything that happened in Coldwater... For God's sake an ancient evil wanted me to be his damn errand boy! I don't think I can afford to not think about these things anymore!"

R: "You weren't the only one there, Gabe! A fucking pumpkin tried to break my head and take me fer God knows what!! I get it, everythin's fucked! Superstitions are real, demons are tryin' to take over the Earth, even God might be real... So, we should be tryin' to get back to our lives." She's pleading now. "Do what we know. Nothing has to change! We are the same, these horrible rich folks still deserve their comeuppance! We don't have to think about errand boys or anyone else! It's you and me and we can still own this world!" She's all but screaming at this point. Tears streaming down her face. She doesn't even know what she's angry at anymore, but she's furious. All she wants to do is go to Gabe. Tell him no matter what he does or what he decides she'll love him. She'd follow him off the end of the Earth, but that's not what she does. She's too terrified to face everything that's happened, she's too scared to face what's happening to him, to her. She stares at him for a moment, fire in her eyes. "Next time I find a mark, I'll do it myself!" And she turns and goes.

G: "Rose!" Gabe calls after her but she's already turning the corner He thinks to himself everything has changed, but one thing hasn't. If it meant protecting Rose, he would shoot that teller boy, or anyone else, dead in a heartbeat. He just hoped it wouldn't come to that.

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