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Blushing Bogue

11 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 1

Rosaleen tries to pry some information out of James.

R: So James, when are ya goin' to tell me this story about you and Ester??

J: Aw, Rosie, you know I don't like talkin' 'bout days gone by. Especially the war.

R: Of course, James. I guess I didn't put the two together. You know I've got the curiosity bug. Can't help, but had to try for an Ester story.

J: It was a long time ago. We escaped from a Union held prison camp together. There's not much more to it, Rosie! *blush*

R: That color on yer face tells me there is more to it, James! But, I won't push ya. Bein' at a prison camp must'a been terrible! Glad you escaped!

J: Me too. The 2nd worst experience of mah life, to tell the truth. Ester was... a bright spot... in an otherwise dark period. But now, well...

R: Aww, James! I hope that bright spot won't get ruined by everything goin' on in this town...

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