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A Lunch Meeting with Mr. Richards

18 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 2

Gabriel attends a quiet lunch with the enigmatic Gerald Richards

Marshal: You receive a message at the church. Gerald Richards invites you to lunch with him down at the Crystal Creek Hotel. He respectfully requests that you come alone.

Gabriel: Well I DID tell him I would welcome him to town, can't pass up an opportunity to meet a member of my flock with such, ahem, potential. I go.

M: The Crystal Creek is deserted when you arrive, but for Gerald at a table. He is again dressed in the finest of suits. He stands to greet you when you enter, shaking your hand. "Preacher Prior! Thank you for coming! I hope you don't mind, but I reserved the hotel for our meal."

G: "Mr Richards I'm honored by the gesture! I'm not used to such lavish accommodations. I admit peace and privacy is a welcome change of pace."He smiles graciously. "I too relish my privacy. I thought you might enjoy a break from being the town's spiritual savior. Please, sit." As you do, you notice you had missed the fine meal laid out on the table...a fine steak dinner.

G: "Ha, well I do my best and of course it's no burden... but what can I say? Even God needed rest on the seventh day. Shall we eat and chat?" Gabe takes a seat, picks up a knife and then pauses, "Ah I almost forgot myself, would you like to say grace or shall I?"

M: He smiles and barks out a surprised laugh. "Of course! When one is dining with the preacher...please, by all means. Bless our meal!"

G: "Lord we give thanks for what we are about to receive. May it nourish our bodies and souls in your name, Amen." "Now that we've had a little chat with God, I'm curious as to what YOU have up say Mr. Richards."

M: "I wanted an opportunity to speak with you," he says, as he begins to neatly cut into his rare steak. "As I said, I very much enjoyed your sermon this past Sunday. And as a native son of Coldwater Creek, I enjoy seeing my hometown so spiritually thriving. You seem to have quite an...influence over the people of Coldwater Creek." He systematically reorganizes the steak pieces on his plate, and begins to eat.

G: "Well I can only take so much credit. It's only natural for people to turn to God in troubling times, and Coldwater has had its troubles"

M: "Indeed, I have heard," he says. "That last bit of your sermon, about the blood...a bit grim, I thought. Very Old Testament. I thought that surely you meant it figuratively. Yet I see blood over many a threshold in town," he notes, looking at you pleasantly while he chews.

G: Gabe chews a piece of steak quietly for a moment, meeting Gerald's look with a thin smile. "Ah yes that little flourish. I do like to throw a little old testament flavor into the mix sometimes, but perhaps some of congregation is just a bit too suggestible"

M: He regards you for a moment, then smiles broadly. "Yes, perhaps that's true. But I don't read that that's what you believe, Preacher. I think that you suspect there might be something else happening, and I also suspect that you are correct. I've always made it my business to understand people, and that's what I see. But say you're correct, Preacher...what then? Is that so frightening a prospect? Think of all of the good that could be done by a godly man such as yourself!" He beams at you happily. "In fact, it is my belief that the Almighty himself has seen fit to bless you with this miraculous power, and to bless our fair town as well!"

G: Gabe isn't smiling anymore, he looks perturbed. "If God wanted to grant power, he'd choose someone more worthy than I. Trust me on this"

M: Gerald's eyes soften. "The Lord works in mysterious ways. Perhaps take this as a sign from him. Why not try to do good? We all are sinners, Preacher, but you have the opportunity to do good work. For your next sermon, why not try imploring your flock to do something that will brighten or enrich their lives, or the lives of others?"

G: Gabe sits silent, mulling this over, then regains composure. "Of course that's the aim of any sermon, but I'll think on what you've said."

M: He bows his head slightly. "I thank you for that. Do think it over. I think the two of us, working together, could really do a lot for Coldwater Creek."

G:"Perhaps Mr. Richards, perhaps. They do say God works in mysterious ways. Though some moves may be more befuddling than others."

M: He laughs again. "The world is not always ours to understand. But alas, I must be work is never done. But please, stay...enjoy your meal and think on what we've spoken about." And with that, he stands, claps a hand on your shoulder, and leaves.

G: Gabe sits for a while longer picking at the steak, stands, gathers himself, and leaves thinking of his hollow prayer over burned bodies.

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