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James and Torte Law Discuss the "Incident" with Archie

3 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 1

In the wake of Gabriel Prior taking a shot at Archie after the teen insulted Rosaleen, James and Torte Law deal with the fallout.

Torte Law: James! James! Did you just see that? Gabe tried to shoot that kid!

James: See it?? I tried to stop Gabriel! Sometimes I wonder 'bout that man. He and Rosaleen are a powder keg at times.

T: That's the truth. I think the two of them would slit our throats if we looked at them cross-eyed.
It's like hugging a porcupine. Which I have done, by the way. You think you have this trust and you think that it likes you, and then you get a face full of quills.

J: Torte, do me a favor. Keep an eye on Gabe if you would please. It's important he doesn't lose his stature in this town.

T: Oh, I keep an eye on him at all times. He's as slippery as a greased eel. But he could stand to lose some "stature."

J: That may be true, but until we root out this Holbrook character we need the town on our side. That means you too! Careful with who you talk to about exploding beasts. These are god fearin' folks, make no mistake. We don't need a panic on our hands!

T: Are you implying, James, that I--me, standing right here-- I am not universally beloved? Shock! Outrage! Disbelief!

J: I'm sayin' people need to get to know you better before you can trust them with your knowledge. That's all.

T: Your problem is that you don't know that disorder is living and order is dead. Gabe's problem is that he is far too impressed with himself.I'll tell you what, James. I won't talk about explody monsters in front of people. But you better do a better job of keeping Gabe froshooting kids. Because if I have to intervene, nobody's going to like it. Especially me.

J: I don't draw my gun on friends. But another outburst like he had with that kid and I may have to.

​T: Then we have an accord.

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