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Gabriel and Rosaleen Share a "Tender" Moment

5 Wildcards: Deadlands - Twitter RP - Season 1

The duo discuss their intentions for the town of Coldwater Creek, and things take a turn for the frisky.

Rosaleen: Well, my Darlin, it seemed your sermon went well!

Gabriel: Thank ya darlin! I think we can rightly say we'll have this town eating out of our hands if everyone manages not to up and explode on us

R: How could they not!?But that explodin part is quite worryin..I hope we figure out what's doin it soon so we can be sure to stay away from it

G: Then again, it could be a convenient excuse if "Gabriel Prior" ever needs to disappear in a hurry...

R: True, wonderful thinking dear! We always need a contingency plan. Speakin of, you think we need to worry about that kid and mad scientist? I maybe should've been more careful with my powers, but I wasn't going to let that stupid machine hurt you.

G: Please, everything about their demeanor screams "crazy unhinged Yankee!" If we can't handle them we've lost our touch.

R: Right you are! I knew there was a reason I keep you around You always know just what to say! God, this world isn't ready for us. Speakin of God and this world, there anyone you want me to get more info on? For next Sunday's sermon maybe? I'd really love to get my hands on Harris, but I think that one's going to take some patience and timing.

G: Harris is the big fish but we'll catch him with patience. For now we could use a few more eyes and ears around town...
That church woman seems smitten with me, perhaps we can use that to our advantage seeing as my boy has been somewhat compromised

R: Ooo, I think you're right darllin! That woman would probably spill any beans she has and then offer you more. I'll leave her to you then! I'll continue to build my inventory of items in case we come upon someone we think might have some eyes we want to look through.

G: Every day I thank God that I don't believe in him. I don't know what I'd do without you and your marvelous witchcraft!

R: You'll never have to find out, my dear! Anyway, It's gettin late and I'm feelin playful and this town has had Gabriel Prior's attention way too long. It's my turn. There's a big empty church calling our names and I'd like to soon be calling yours.

G: Darlin' you'll have me speaking in tongues in no time

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